Freshers' Fair!

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The Friday of Freshers’ Week brings about the chance to sign up to any and all societies and sports teams that you’re interested in. Fresher’s Fair begins at 10:30am for disabled access and 11:00am for everybody else, where you will get to explore all of our marquee tents and stalls until closing time at 3:00pm.

            At Freshers’ Fair, our main marquee tent will house all of our societies, which is a long and varied list bound to quench any number of thirsts or desires you may want to indulge for the coming university year. Societies range from the Debating Society to the Pole Fit Society to RoeHogwarts to the Muscial Society and almost anything else you can think of, so there’s sure to be a society you can join to continue your beloved hobby or try something completely new.

            There will also be a host of sports teams available to join, ranging from the more socially orientated teams to the more competition-led teams. Football, hockey, rugby, tennis, badminton, volleyball, cheerleading and plenty more will be waiting for you to sign up! Our VP of Education believes Freshers’ Fair is the perfect opportunity to begin to take advantage of all the things university life has to offer.

            “Fresher’s fair is a great time to sign up to all the amazing societies, activities and sports that we offer so come down and have a great day! Grab a freebie and get involved.”

            Freshers’ Fair will also be the host of a ton of freebies for you to collect and take advantage of (pens, t-shirts, drinks, pizza, you name it), as well as the welcome return of Zorb Football! Pop on your big inflatable Zorb ball and get on to the pitch – footballing ability goes out the window in this hilarious ‘sport.’

            Don’t forget to record your time at your very first Freshers’ Fair by taken plenty of Snapchats using our filter for the day.


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