Elections Candidates Announced

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RSU nominations period has now closed. A record breaking amount of nominations have been submitted for the Elections 2018 with 72 students standing for elected officer positions. Here is the full list of candidates:

RSU President

Chuchu Nwagu

Joanna Briggs

Michael Keohane

Romeo Rygolski

RSU Vice President Education

Jack O'Leary

Liam Parsons

Nagla Elbaz

Naomi Ellis

Ridwan Yusuf

Shivam Mehra

RSU Vice President Community and Welfare

Kassie Wietz

George Walker

Leonard Bibby

Digby Stuart College President

Arran Olk

Hayley Stevens

Iso Neville

Jaimie Makiyi

Jeevan Matharu

Lucy-Ellen Marshall

Tia Forbes

Froebel College President

Daniel O'Donoghue

Southlands College President

Callum Jones

Samuel Adeyeni

Shay Patel

Whitelands College President

Jordan Brason

Kevin Muhika

Michael Nieves Oquendo

Digby Stuart College Deputy President

Conor Priestly

Greg Hollands

Robyn Bloomfield

Stacey Nurse

Theo Benjamin

Vicky Tate

Froebel College Deputy President

Amy Morris

Nicolo Sodaro

Penny Elliot-Miles

Southlands College Deputy President

Helen Cansdale

Whitelands College Deputy President

Amanda Wijewantha

Sophie Roberts

Stacey Grimes

Tanya Robinson

Off Campus Officer

Dominique Curtis

Katie Richards

Mount Clare Site Rep

Josh Malone

Students with Disabilities Officer

Belinda Bradley

Mental Health Officer

Beth Amos

Emily Moger

Heather Bell

Josephine Wilkinson

Kes Payne

Matthew Callow

Gender Equality Officer

Farrah Black

Lily Crozier

Maria Tavernaraki

Female Interfaith Officer

Ruth Clements

Male Interfaith Officer

Gavin Signh Dhanoa

Jacob Cooper-King

Sport Roehampton President (Female)

India-Saffron Cameron

Kaysh Brown

Sophie Gibbs

Sport Roehampton President (Male)

Avinash Malhotra

Jordan Harris

Reuben Jandoo

BAME Students Officer

Dre Mbwese

International Students Officer

Navya Chaturvedi

LGBTQ+ Officer

Ciara Ansley

Marta Nicoli

Trans Student Officer

Alex Keene

Environmental Officer

Matthew Delicate

Postgraduate and Mature Students Officer

Natasha Boatswain

Sophie Harris

Students with Caring Responsibilities Officer

Kareena (Dora) Allford


Full manifestos and photos will be available on the RSU website on Monday 12th March. Find out more about the candidates at Candidate Question time on Thursday 15th March at 7pm.

Voting opens at 10am on 16th March.

Good luck to all candidates.