College Cup Launch!

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Digby Stuart College emerged as victors at last Friday’s Official College Cup Launch.

The event centred around two activities, laser tag and human Mario Kart, and three challenges. The first was a human Mario Kart balloon-popping game whereby each college tied balloons to their ankles and had to pop the other colleges’ balloons.

            Froebel, despite having the greatest number of students participating, were first to be eliminated. Whitelands followed soon after before a dominant Southlands eliminated the last remaining Digby students to win the first challenge.

            Digby won the next challenge, a College President face off in laser tag, after their president, Michael Keohane, earned the highest score out of the four College Presidents. Southlands President, Shaalin Patel, finished last, meaning Digby jumped to the top of the leader board.

            The third challenge was one spread across the day, with laser tag open all day for students to take part in. The highest scorer from each college was noted down and then each college’s top scores were ranked at the end of the day. Southlands came first in this challenge, with Digby just about edging out Whitelands to claim second place.

            This proved enough for Digby to win on the day, earning the most points with 250 after a first place finish and two second places (100 points for first place, 75 for second).

            Southlands finished second with 225 after two first places and one fourth place finish. Whitelands came in third overall with 200 points after finishing third, second and second in each challenge while Froebel had a dismal day and finished last – 100 points only after finishing fourth twice and third once.

            For winning the day, Digby were awarded 100 points in the College Cup, with Southlands getting 75 for second place, Whitelands earning 50 for third place and Froebel 25 for fourth place. This means that, after the first two College Cup events, the standings are as follows:


Current standings:

1st place: Southlands - 325 pts
2nd place: Digby Stuart - 300 pts
3rd place: Whitelands - 225 pts
4th place: Froebel - 175 pts


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