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We had an amazing and very chilled Friday as part of our #LetsCelebrate Mental Health Month. We covered Monte Hall in bean bags, cushions, blankets, deck chairs and sooo much food and drink! Not only that but we put on some brilliant relaxing films to just add to the laidback vibe. Inside Out, Love Actually, Little Mermaid, Mamma Mia and Tangled were shown from 11pm to 6pm.

Students were sleeping, chilling, laughing and we even had some couples cuddling on the bean bag city throughout Monte Hall. All of the food went and we gave out over 250 hot drinks (mainly hot chocolate, everyone’s favourite)

With over 150 students coming throughout the day, it was lovely to see everyone so relaxed after what had been a very stressful week. The Chill-A-Thon will be happening again on 9th December so do keep your eyes out for the laidback laughs that we will be setting up for all of you!



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