Black History More Than a Month

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Black History Month: More Than A Month” is the official theme this year, with the spotlight shining on LGBTQ+, the attainment gap and mental health.

            The ‘More Than a Month’ theme was inspired by a desire to dispel the notion that black history can be contained in a singular month. Black history is all of our history and so should be celebrated every day. Black History Month is merely a heightened celebration to raise awareness of black history and a convenient vehicle to encourage everyone to explore said history long past the month has expired.

            The three focuses were chosen specifically in order to bring issues to the forefront of the conversation that were previously seen as taboo or were left untouched and unspoken. The three issues are now front and centre of our 2017 Black History Month, which is reflected in our events schedule.

            The Great Debate takes place in Grove House on the 11th October, discussing several issues in the BAME community, including the attainment gap, while an Open Table Forum for the BAME & LGBTQ+ community will commence on the 2nd of November.

                        Other key events include a talk by Dwane Brookes titled “Make it Count” on the 19th October, a screening of the critical and commercial smash “Get Out” on the 14th October and our annual BAME Leaders Conference, which closes our Black History Month on the 15th November.



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