A Students Summer Ball

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With two Summer Balls under my belt, I’m torn between being unable to wait for my third and final one, and dreading it - I don’t want it to be my last! As the final event of the year, Summer Ball is always the most hotly anticipated and most exciting of the lot, providing a heap of memories to serve you through the summer and the rest of your life. I know my memories at Roehampton will always include some Summer Ball highlights, and that sentiment has been shared by all my Roehampton friends.


As a fresher, Summer Ball was the stuff of legend, spoken about throughout the year by second and third years as though it was Coachella. For the entirety of my first year, my friends and I looked forward to Summer Ball and built our excitement until we were fit to burst. When the gloriously hot summer’s day finally arrived, it was everything we wanted it to be and more. Whilst Summer Ball may have a marginally less glamorous location than Coachella’s Californian desert, Roehampton certainly delivers. From the fireworks over the lake, to the fairground amongst the greenery, to the sunset over Grove House, Summer Ball has the perfect location.


As a second year, I knew that the event lived up to the hype, and was glad to contribute to the buzz around Summer Ball. A big group breakfast is a ritual for many before the event, and is the perfect way to kick off the celebrations - meeting up and cooking together provided a foundation for many laughs, and gave us enough energy to last through the queue. Once we got inside, we headed straight for food and drink. Choosing between all the mouth-watering options was the hardest thing we had to do all day, but we were comforted by the thought of revisiting them for a second (and third!) meal in the evening section.


Now in my third year and facing my final Summer Ball, I cannot wait for June 1st. Thoughts of Summer Ball have kept me going through writing my dissertation and all the other hard work of third year; now that everything is submitted, I can really start to get excited. This year’s line-up looks incredible, so I have the the headliners’ songs on repeat on Spotify. My fingers are crossed that the weather will complete the hat-trick of sunny Summer Balls, but regardless, I know that it will be an incredible event, and the perfect way to celebrate and say goodbye to Roey.


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