Top Team Moments February

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1. Learn to Cook w/ Kai 

Our new Learn to Cook intern Kai led her very first learn to cook session at the very start of the month making some delicious tomato chutney and blackberry cordial. 


2. Orchard Restoration for a Calmer Mind. 

We did another Orchard restoration session promoting the wonderful experience of the outdoors and the great impact this can have on both mental and physical wellbeing. 

3. Student Eats Conferance 2017

We travelled from Roehampton at 5am to Leeds University to attend this years Student Eats Conferance. We had a great time and learn loads about student led enterprises. 


4. #ShowTheLove 

Everyone is the office showed their love for this amazing planet this Valentine's Day! 


5. Urban Wild Holiday Camp 

Growhampton was very happy to host our fourth Holiday Camp Day this mid-term. It was all about fun with fungi this time, and both students and kids had a fantastic day!

6. Spring finally sprung...

...and we LOVE it! 



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