Top 12 Moments of 2016 1:2

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Happy New Year, and welcome to the most amazing year of your life! We here in the green office are certainly ready for it, and can’t wait to get back into things. But before we look forward to all the great things ahead, let’s have a little look back at the year just gone.

So here they are, our Top 12 Moments of 2016: part 1


1. We celebrated the Chickens 1year anniversary 

As the lovely ladies that they are, they deserves nothing less than a smashing celebrating of them being resident with us for one year. We got cake, they got cake – it was a fabulous event! 


2. The Vatican Garden

A space designed to be a place of Zen and contemplation, the garden was created by volunteer students contributing their time to help plant and clean up the space. The garden is in view of the Humanities department, in their hidden courtyard. 


3. A new family member.

One of our hens got a bit broody as spring arrived, and so we ordered her some fertile eggs from a farm in Essex, and on June 14th we said hello to a new little member of our chicken flock as the cutest little Silkie chick popped out. We now know that the chick is a female, she has started to lay her first eggs and her name is Ginko, the fluffiest chicken you’ll ever meet. 


4. Re-launch of the Thrift Shop

After a little break, it was time to get the Thrift Shop up and running again to be part of our weekly market day. New stock, new branding, new people. Have something to donate? Bring it to the RSU reception and we’ll make sure to give it a good home. All profits from the thrift shops go towards the continuation of Growhampton. 


5. Pilot of our Growhampton Roadshow.

On the 6th July we piloted our very first Roadshow across the road at Sacred Heart Primary School with great success. By developing a food education outreach programme that enables us to bring Growhampton into the community, we hope to achieve a healthier and more sustainable  community in Roehampton and enable community cohesion between university students and local residents.


6.  We planted tomatoes with GREAT success!

We had some fantastic students helping us planting a row of tomatoes in our polytunnel. The tomatoes really must have enjoyed this planting sessions full of song, laughter and positivity, because these plants grew massive and provided us with lots and lots and lots of tomatoes.




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