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Growhampton Survey 2017/18

The Growhampton student engagement survey launched, on February 5, 2018, until March 29, 2018, in efforts to engage students with Growhampton’s various projects. Furthermore to gauge student’s knowledge, interest, and attitudes towards Growhampton’s initiatives and visibility around campus. The survey concluded with 46 respondents from the general student population.  The survey initially collected information on students’ knowledge of values held by Growhampton’s mission statement and objectives. 90.63% of respondents answered food education is at some degree important to them and 100% of respondents holds sustainability at some degree of importance.  Amongst the top five key terms used in respondent’s answers when asked “How would you best describe sustainability?” , were environment, natural, resources, future generations, and reused.  96.88% of students expressed interest in learning more about food education and sustainable living practices. Personal interest of respondents included Animals (59.38%), Cooking  (56.25)%, and  Youth Education(43.75%).


In reference to data regarding Growhampton’s visibility and transparency, 80% of respondents affirmed Growhampton’s visibility around campus. 65.63% of respondents answered they are knowledgeable of Growhamtpton’s various projects and opportunities; while 20.13% of respondents answered they were moderately knowledgeable, knowing primarily of the The Hive Cafe.


Growhampton is a heavily volunteer based initiative, the survey asked questions to gauge previous and prospective volunteers alike. 12.88% of respondents have previously volunteered with Growhampton; 45.45% are currently not involved with Growhampton projects; however, 80% responded they are likely to volunteer with Growhampton in the future. 


Growhampton primarily engages and communicates through online mediums. In recent months, two Roehampton University students have submitted publications in collaboration with Growhampton’s communication platforms in efforts to build career experience.


96.88% of respondents are interested in professional skill building for their CV,  and are primarily interested in opportunities, involving ‘Create Change/ Promote Impact and Organizing’ (46.88%), ‘Youth Education’ (37.50%), ‘Communications and Marketing(34.38%)., and Animals(34.38%).’,        


This survey was largely advertised on social media and email platforms. 43.75% of respondents follow Growhampton’s Instagram and Facebook, 28.13% of respondents subscribe to Growhampton’s weekly newsletter, and 43.75% do not subscribe to Growhampton’s weekly Newsletter nor follow Growhampton on social media. The survey however did allow for students to request a subscription to the Growhampton Newsletter, this yielded increase of subscribers with  33% of respondents interested and are now current subscribers. Social media has proven to be an effective way to engage students. Growhampton presence on the Instagram platform along with Growhampton’s  “No Waste” campaign, has been well received and has proven to be a leading medium for the initiative. Continually working on communications by way of social media will be beneficial to Growhampton’s efforts. 


Implementing more campaigns was among the feedback of respondents. Additionally suggestions of respondents included, collaborating with cultural clubs for cooking project, and having an online timetable and signups for volunteers.





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