January: Winter Purslane

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Veg of the month!



In season right now, and is one of our favourite leafy greens. This winter green can be found all over our growing spaces at the moment, and you can even find it growing wild some places on campus! Winter Purslane is also known as Miner's Lettuce. This green is rich in Vitamin C, and used to be eaten by miners to avoid scurvy.

This wonderful wild green is used in many European countries for it’s tender young leaves. It is used as an addition to mesclun and other salads or steamed like spinach. We pick the leaves when they are young and tender. 

We think the flavou is fresh, juicy and buttery - perfect in a winter salad. 

A little, heart-shaped super green! Now available in our salad bags sold in the Hive Cafe. 

Why not try out this Lebanese Fattoush with Winter Purslane


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