From Field to Fork! The Growhampton Roadshow.

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On Friday 20th of January 2017, Growhampton made its way to St.Michaels Primary School for its "Field to Fork" Workshops. The lower Primary School Years got to follow workshops based on learning about veggies, how and what plants need to grow, and learning all about soil. The kids got to harvest their own mint, play around with soil and taste an incredible Norwegian stew (as made by Celia!) at the end of their learning journey. The kids learnt everything that goes on with veg and food between what happens at the farm all the way to how it lands on our plates.

They also got involved with Growhampton's veggie game, getting to know all the kinds of vegetables that are available to them. As a volunteer it can always be nerve wracking to attempt new things, in my case, personally I hadn't previously volunteered with Growhampton, yet am so thankful now, that I had the opportunity to do so. At first it seemed to be kind of scary as I was afraid to be lacking necessary skills, yet through the Growhampton Roadshow and working with the Growhampton team, I have managed to obtain leadership skills as well as be able to become more confident with my own abilities, and what I actually already have to bring to the project. Working with Team Growhampton allowed for trial and error, making mistakes and learning through doing.

Everyone in the Growhampton team is kind, caring and extremely motivating, teaching you along the way and giving really helpful feedback as you go along. It was lovely to be working with a team that is so enthusiastic about what they do, so I'd like to say a big thank you to Joel and Celia!






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