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It's #avofreeapril and the Hive cafe and growhampton are promoting a little a campaign to raise awareness about the sustainability of avocados!

We eat them all the time but do we really know where they are coming from and the impact the farming and transportation is having ?

Did you know ...

Avocados tend to come from central and South America meaning thousands of air miles ?? being made to transport them over to the UK ???? for our brunches!

Not only this, our obsession with Avocados has been placing unprecedented demand on Avocado farmers, pushing up prices to the point where there are reports of Mexican drug cartels controlling lucrative exports. Mexican farmers are thinning out and eradicating huge pine forests ?? in order to illegally plant the money making fruit trees to meet a never-ending demand!

Seeing as the The Hive Cafe is the home of growhampton food sustainability initiative we thought it was important that we spread the word!

We will be serving more a sustainable breakfast alternative for the duration of April!

So come and join us !


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