Roe <3 Consent

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Dear students,


We are writing to inform you of an important University and RSU campaign to combat sexual harassment and educate on the subject of sexual consent: Roe <3 Consent.


The Students’ Union and the University of Roehampton have a zero-tolerance policy to sexual harassment and assault. Our aim is to give students an understanding of sexual consent (it’s not always as black and white as it seems!) and the confidence to discuss healthy sexual consent practices.

The first 500 students (from 19th February onwards) to complete the Online Consent Workshop get £10 off their Summer Ball ticket.


Getting a clear understanding of consent and healthy sexual relationships goes a long way towards making the Roehampton community a more respectful, safe and welcoming place.

The workshop challenges what some might consider ‘acceptable’ sexual behaviour and it encourages people to act, giving them the confidence to question situations that might make them feel uncomfortable. It educates everyone who completes it, makes you appreciate how important consent is and how complex it can be.


Go to this link:
Click on register and complete the form using your email address


Please let us know if you wish to also sign-up for a face-to-face group workshop to delve further into the topic. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Kind Regards, 


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