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On the 29th of May, the RSU invites you to the most prestigious awards ceremony we have here at Roehampton University. Hollywood have the Oscars, music has the Grammys and Roehampton has the RSU Awards!


These RSU Awards are a chance to celebrate all of the inspiring and important achievements accomplished by members of Roehampton. Indeed, it’s our prime opportunity to recognise the fantastic work undertaken by students, staff and the local community.


It’s also a fantastic chance to the end the academic year in style! The RSU Awards night is a prestigious evening full of food, plenty of drinks and a chance to dress up in your best gown or tux. Don’t be afraid to wheel out your most expensive outfit to go all out! We’ve already started planning our outfits.


This is always a popular evening – suits, summer, sun and fun, what more could you ask for? So make sure you grab your tickets while you can. The tickets include dinner, drinks and the entire rather lush evening. 


But remember this is an awards evening, so we need people to award. That’s where you can help – if you think one of our students or staff members deserve an award for something incredible they’ve done this year, help us to reward them by nominating them for an RSU award.


There are loads of different categories you can nominate someone for depending on the nature of their achievement, such as:


  • RSU Society of the Year Award
  • Non-Academic Staff Award
  • Part-Time Officer of the Year Award
  • Best Student Event of the Year Award
  • The Sky Sharma Performance Award


These are just five categories out of a possible 20 – and you can nominate someone or several people for any of the categories, as many times as you like.


You can do that by following the link below! Happy nominating and we hope to see you as many of you as possible looking sharp at the awards.


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