Face Your Fear!

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Top 5 Ways to Face Your Fear and Bungee 


1. Realise that the anxiety is normal. In fact, you should be more worried if you weren’t nervous. Anxiety comes from adrenaline and our fight or flight response. Just go with it.  

2. Remember how many times in your life that you’ve felt scared… but here you are. And you’re totally fine. It’s impossible to be scared about the past. It’s even impossible to be scared about the present. Fear is in the future because it is unknown. Whether you’re expecting the worst, or expecting the best, the outcome will always be the same. So might as well enjoy the ride!


3. Fake it ‘till you make it. And you will, make it. It sounds stupid, but it really works. Projecting confidence when it isn’t really there is a well known, useful trick that WORKS. Project the way that you want to feel and you’ll even start to convince yourself! 


4. Concentrate on what will happen afterwards! The sense of pride you will feel, as well as relief  and confidence will be more than worth it. You’ll look back and wonder what you were worrying about! And potentially book another one. There’s a reason people do this for a living! 



5. Don’t look down. Again another cliché, but one that works. With your friends on the ground there to support you, chances are you’ll want to have a glance and give them a wave. But if you’re feeling a bit nervous, keep your eyes on the horizon. It’ll be a good view anyway!






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