Elections: Manifesto Writing workshop!

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Elections  Manifestos Workshop!


Our 2018 Elections is approaching full swing! Nominations have been open for quite a while already – they opened on the 17th of January – and we’ve had loads of nominations in so far. But keep them coming! We’d love as many of you as possible to put yourselves forward!


While we await all those wonderful nominations, we’ve got a key date on the horizon we’d like to briefly mention to you all.


Firstly, is our Manifesto Writing Session – which says it on the tin, really. If you need help or advice in creating that killer manifesto, join us in our workshop! We can give you key insights into what makes a successful manifesto and advice on what to do in our manifesto.


We can help you make positive steps forward in your campaigns and can help you avoid any manifesto blunders that may cause you to misstep.  It can’t hurt and it can only help – after all, your manifesto will be the main reason someone will vote for you! The better your manifesto, the better your chance of winning!


If you’re still unsure about elections or actually have no idea what we are talking about, head into our reception and ask us anything you like! We’re happy to talk to you at length about our elections, how you can get involved, the benefits of running for a position and more. You can also email us at elections@roehampton.ac.uk or you can head to the below link to get all the info you’ll need!





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