Level Up Week - Escape Room

Thursday 17 May 2018
Froebel Lawn
1pm - 5pm

Level Up Week - Escape Room

Escape Room

Froebel Lawn

Get ready to put your teamwork skills to the test! Can you escape in time? Who will step up and lead the way out? A portable escape room will be on Froebel Lawn all day waiting for you to take the challenge as part of Level Up Week.


**Book your time slot fast, as it's only ten people per session!**


The ultimate team building activity, you and your team must work together and work fast to escape from this 1950's abandoned hospital, before the nightmare really begins.



Team Brief

At the beginning of each game, the players will receive a brief from one of our qualified instructors.

The Puzzles

The game consists of a combination of logical and physical puzzles. you will need your thinking caps.

Aim of The Game

The aim of the game is to solve a series of puzzles and clues to escape but remember, time is ticking.

Win or Lose

Quite simply the fastest team to escape wins, the losers will be trapped inside for ever.