Event Description

Tuesday 29 November 2022

5pm - 8pm

Mandela Building 002 & 003


The Islamic Society in collaboration with Universal Black Minds will be hosting this event on the main campus. After a widely successful tour across the globe, Beyond Bilal: Black History in Islam finds its way to Roehampton University. 


Beyond Bilal: Black History in Islam is the breakthrough and pioneering lecture by writer, lecturer, and educator Mustafa Briggs. It explores and uncovers the deep-rooted relationship between Islam and Black History, from Black Prophets and prominent figures in the Qur’an to the unknown black Sahaba and scholars of the early generations, the history of Islam in Africa, and the legacy of contemporary African Islamic scholarship and its role in the International Relations of the Muslim World. 


Mustafa Briggs' lecture is based on his book Beyond Bilal: Black History in Islam. His other two lectures, Before Malcolm X: History of Islam in the Americas, and Daughters of Fatima: Female Scholarship in the Islamic Tradition will also be explored within the book. You will have the opportunity to purchase after the presentation.