RAG Bungee

Saturday 20 May 2017
Grove House Lawn
noon - 6pm

RAG Bungee

Welcome to Roehamptons RAGs biggest ever event so far! RAG Bungee!

RAG Bungee is a sponsored bungee jump right here on campus. This involves jumping from a height of almost 50 meters right outside Grove House. This is a once in the lifetime event that is offered at a fraction of its normal cost, and all money raised goes to our RAG charities.

How to sign up:

  • Purchase the £15 online deposit (Usually bungee jumps cost upwards of £80)
  • Create a fundraising justgiving page with Roehampton Students Union registered as the charity you are supporting
  • Raise the £40 minimum fundraising target (If you need assistance fundraising our friends over at Santander are more than happy to support you with your fundraising!)
  • turn up on Saturday 20th with proof you have met your target
  • Jump away! you are all clear to take part in Roehampton Universities first ever Bungee Jump!

It is as simple and as easy as that!

If you sign up a guest email ben.patterson@roehampton.ac.uk with their name and link to their justgiving page!

Donate for Jack to HERE
Donate for Steve to HERE

Good luck!