Event Description

Wellbeing in the Garden

Thursday 30 September 2021

2pm - 4pm

RSU Reception, Froebel Campus


Join Growhampton for a relaxing weeding session in the allotments, taking pleasure from the nature around us, breathing in fresh air and smelling the flowers.


There is something very therapeutic about weeding in the garden. While you’re weeding, you can imagine that you are removing the negative from your life with each weed. As each weed is pulled, your life is becoming more and more positive. You are getting rid of the bad and allowing the good to grow in its place.


The meeting point is in front of the RSU Reception on Froebel Campus. All welcome! This is a drop in, drop out session, so join for as little or as long as you like. No booking necessary, just turn up!


* If you are joining later, please find us in the Growhampton allotments next to the dance studios / gym on Froebel Campus.