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Judgement Day - Evening performance

Monday 03 December 2018
Jubilee Hall
6:30pm - 9pm

Judgement Day - Evening performance

The first Roehampton Players show of 2018/19!

Written by Jordan Parker and Jack Edwards, Judgement Day is a unique blend of satire, various methods of comedy, and the darker side of human nature.


Live each day as your last, as the old saying goes. But what if you had no choice? How would you react to the news that your life will be over much sooner than you had hoped? And so, the premise for Judgment Day begins.

The Story follows the lives of six friends as the end of the world is announced on a global scale. 10 days left until Armageddon. Some will doubt it, some will fear it, but some will relish it. We see the friends, and various other figures in their lives, in an isolated village. This acts as a pressure cooker for their emotions, but we also see the violent scenarios taking place in the cities. The friends will lose their faith in religion, relationships, and humanity. They will learn that their hopes and dreams can no longer come true, but more importantly, that their actions no longer have consequences.

How will you act when judgement day is upon us?