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About Roehampton Players Society

The Roehampton Players are a group of students who share the same interest and passion for the theatre, whether its on stage or behind the scenes. We produce, direct and create all things theatre.

Roehampton Players is a society that shares an interest and passion for Theatre, Performance and Musicals.

We encourage students from all courses who share the same interest to be involved in as big or small of a role as they would like. All of our productions are run as professionally as possible and we have been so grateful in the past to have support from lighting and sound technicians here at Roehampton. We welcome anyone with an interest in theatre, lighting, sound, backstage, set design, etc. If you ever feel like you want to get involved in an off-screen role, please get in touch! Our society is based in Jubilee Theatre.

We are currently looking for teams to suggest to us show ideas for 2022 - 2023. Please let us know if you have something you want to put forward or suggest by either emailing us directly at, or completing our submission survey found in our linktree (

Committee 2022/2023

President - Amel Benmohamed 

Vice-President - Grace Edwards

Treasurer - Lucy White

Events Officers - MyChi Haan

Media Officer- Katherine Goode

Secretary - Tilly Anna Bromige

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Here’s to another fantastic year -Play On Players!

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Media Officer