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About Jewish Society (J-Soc)

A vibrant and active community welcome to Jewish people of all walks of life to celebrate our culture. And welcome to Gentiles who wish to learn about Judaism and the Jewish People.

Shalom Alechem Roehampton :)

Welcome to the Official Jewish Society of Roehampton. We understand has taken a while to get everything set up. We do send our apologise to any who have been waiting to join and seen no updates from us. Due to the hectic schedules many students including our president and vice president are having around this time we unfortunately will not hold any events for Hannukkah but we are aiming to start running events in the new year. We are in talks with other Jewish societies to run a meal out but we are planning to hold a meet and greet night in January.?
As a society we are committed to the following
  1. To providing fun and social activities
  2. Aiming to include all students from all backgrounds and walks of life
  3. Being a space where Jewish culture can flourish on Roehampton and sharing it to the wider community
  4. Standing up against all forms of hatred and discrimination, and upholding the IHRA definition of antisemitism.
We're still getting the last few things set up but we will make membership open soon. We can't wait to see you soon, More updates will be posted to here and our instagram page roehamptonjewish.society and our Twitter page RoeJewishSoci

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