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Kharis on Campus Society

About Kharis on Campus Society

About us:

Kharis On Campus Roehampton is a Christian based society that helps our  members know more about God through our fellowship meetings and social events. We help students be able to balance their student life and their Christian life.

The Objectives Of Kharis On Campus:

  1. To gain historical background knowledge on Christian revialists and revivals that have occured, why some were syccessful and why some failed.

  2. A place of fellowship/socialising and a place of spiritual and intelluctual growth for all students growth for all students of every background and culture.

  3. A place where students can call home, a place where students can find support.

  4. We aim for Kharis On Campusto be a place where people feel free to express themselves and to share their issues/problems.

Our meetings includes:

  • Praise and Worship.
  • Testimony time this a time where people can talk about their experiences of Kharis On Campus.
  • Spoken word
  • We we will also have times of discussion where members would discuss how to practically apply principles of the bible to daily to daily student life.
  • Moost importantly the word of God. 
  • At the end of service we will have a time of worship where students can socialise, talk about life and issues, eat and drink etc.
  • The main aim of our fellowships is that you grow stronger in the word and in God. For us to become a family, from the oldest member to the first timer.
  • Every so often we have a games night which consists of different games and icebreakers.

When is our fellowship:

Join us every Tuesday at 7pm!!!  From October the 6th our fellowships will resume and be held on zoom due to the nature of the current government guidelines about COVID 19







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