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About First Love Society

What does your society do

- Our aim is to develop, support and inspire a strong christian faith in young people

Why should you join our society?

- First Love is full of young, kind and passionate people, and we believe in loving God and loving others. We have branches all over the UK at nearly every university. It ids a great chance to hear a word from God and establish great friendships. We plan on organising many events such as: concerts, dance events, movie productions and movie nights to encourage students to come together, meet new people, build great relationships and develop in the faith. 

So, where do you meet and on what days?

- We meet every Thursday at 7PM at the Mandela building (the glass building behind the library) in Lecture room 1 and every Sunday at The Kia Oval, Alec Stewart Enterance in Vauxhall at 3PM. 

- Meeting time to go together on sundays: 2:30PM at vauxhall station

What is the best thing about your society?

- The opportunity to meet and create great friends and most importantly build a STRONG relationship with God.


Our socials:

Follow us on our instagram: @FirstloveRoe

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Come 2021 event

It's almost time for our AMAZING event, COME 2021! There is no better place to be on the 5th December other than at the First Love Church.

To 'COME' is to enter, or to approach. God is calling YOU to draw nearer to Him like never before.

Whether you are a student, graduate or worker, there is something happening for YOU on 5th December.

If you’re a worker or graduate, why not join us at 11am sharp for a blessed time in the house of God?

If you’re a student at any level, the 3pm service is just for you!

Not sure how to make it to The Kia Oval? Then have no fear: the folks in this video link below have got you covered! Follow their journey to meet with us on 5th December. 

Jesus is calling you to ‘come’… Will you respond?

No elections are currently running





Upcoming events

First Love Weekly Meeting
6th April 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Mandela 211
First Love Weekly Meeting
13th April 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Mandela 211