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First Aid Society

About First Aid Society

Welcome to St John Ambulance First Aid Society.

Our society aim to teach and learn valuable first aid skills from the recovery position and CPR, to full spinal immobilization and emergency childbirth.

We are also a St john student volunteering unit, for students who enjoy learning these skills, and wish to take them further, are able to sign up to St John Ambulance, so that they can learn advanced techniques, and take their skills out onto amazing events around London; such as arena tours, football games and royal weddings to name a few.

As we are linked to other first aid all over London; who often come to visit our meetings, and who we meet for social events; such as the LINKS Christmas Ball, where all the units in London come together for a fancy gathering and awards ceremony. Through this; students get the chance to socialise with people from all over London, not only with fellow Students, but with many different people who are involved with St John.

Our memberships are activated, you are able to purchase them from the RSU website! Feel free to join and ask questions. We look forward to seeing you!

Whatsapp group chat: Dm us on Instagram or send us an email to get the link to join our Whatsapp group chat