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Film Society

About Film Society



Film Society exists for people who love engaging with films and what goes behind the camera!


Every month, we will have all sorts of different events surrounding films, such as:

  • Film screenings
  • Special guests giving interactive talks about the film process and industry
  • Make-A-Film in 48h contests, and so much more to come!


Whether you enjoy just watching movies, making movies or talking about movies, you are welcome here! We are open to everybody!


We are a society where committee and members will constantly be in communication, always making sure people are enjoying what we're doing and also feeling open enough to make any suggestions!


We encourage you to follow us on social media so that you can follow our latest news and events, and if you see a movie that you'd love to see on the big screen, don't hesitate to come along! You can join us at:


Committee 2020/21

President - Sabana Torrealba

Vice President - Laura Mahecha

Treasurer - Eve Penberthy