Disabled and Neurodivergent Society


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About Disabled and Neurodivergent Society

Advocacy, Community, Safety

Welcome to the DNS!

The DNS is a space by and for disabled and neurodivergent students on campus. We want to reach out to everyone who falls under the disabled and neurodivergent umbrella - that means people with mental illness, ADHD and autism, visible and invisible physical disability, and chronic illness, as well as things we haven't covered here.

We run sessions in-person once a week. Membership to the society free. Our in-person meetings are at 4:30-6 on Fridays at The Base, Erasmus House. These sessions are chances to meet other disabled and neurodivergent students on campus. Sometimes we have a topic and other times we just chat :) we did used to do online meetings as well, it says we do on our poster, but they weren't very popular, so we're not sure if we'll do them again. 

DNS is a small society interested in activism and face to face events, advocating for all things social model of disability. We want to organise more events to spread awareness about what it's like to be a disabled and/or neurodivergent student on campus.

Find us on Instagram @roe_dns and sign up to the society to receive regular updates throughout the academic year discussing what we're up to and when you can come along to a session. Also you can be part of our community by joining our WhatsApp group, please email us to be let in and we will let you!


There will be weekly updates on there so join it to get the feel for what we do and see if it's something you'd be interested in. We look forward to meeting you!

Liz, Riley and El

DNS Committee 2022/2023

No elections are currently running


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Vice President