Kharis on Campus


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About Kharis on Campus

Kharis on Campus is a vibrant, dynamic Christian society. 

The objectives of Kharis on Campus:

1) To gain historic background knowledge on Christian revivalists and revivals that has occurred, why some were successful and why some failed.

2) To be a place of fellowship/socialising and a place of spiritual and intellectual growth for all students of every background and culture.

3) To be a place where students can call home, a place where students can find support. We aim for Kharis on Campus to be a place where people feel free to express themselves and to share their issues.


When do we have fellowship:

  • Tuesday

Where is it:

  • In the Mandela building room 202 (the second floor of the big glass law building behind the library).

What time does it start:

  • 7pm


What to bring with you:

  • Your bible
  • Your notebook
  • Your pen

What to expect from our fellowship:

  • The word of God !
  • Choir
  • Activities 
  • Kactors
  • Kdancers
  • Fun !
  • Snacks

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