ElectRoe Society


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About ElectRoe Society

Welcome to the ElectRoe Society!

This society is dedicated to all things Electronic Music, covering any genre that falls under the broad banner of EDM. Whether you are an avid listener, bedroom DJ, or just interested in seeing what's to offer, then this society is for you.

Expect three main types of events from us:

- DJ workshops where you will be able to practice using various types of DJ equipment, and be able to learn from both other members and the committee.

- Pre-parties to various gigs and raves around London and being able to attend as a group.

- Showcase events on campus where our DJs get to perform in front of a crowd and our guests get to experience a fun music filled night featuring fresh talent.

All events will be free for members so make sure to sign up to get the most from this exciting new society!

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