Christian Union Weekly Meetup
23rd March
The Base
First Love Weekly Meeting
23rd March
Mandela 211
Believers Love World Weekly Meeting
23rd March
Queens Building 148
Disabled and Neurodiverse Society Meet Up
24th March
The Base, Erasmus House
Friday Boardgames and RPG Meet Up
24th March
Queens Building 046


Substance Use and Mental Health

This article will raise your awareness of the different types of  drugs and alcohol and the common short and long-term effects associated with each of

Crisis Support Space

I am currently working on creating a safe space for students who are in mental health crisis during the night. This space would provide students in cr



NUS delegate round up at NUS national conferences 2023

Nafisa's experience as a NUS delegate at NUS national conferences 2023

RSU Elections 2023 Results

We are delighted to bring you the results for the elections 2023 and announce your elected student representatives for Roehampton Students’ Union for 2023/24.

"What is an Eating Disorder?" - ED Awareness Week

"What is an Eating Disorder?" - This year’s National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is taking place between February 27th- March 5th

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    Bring back Karaoke Thursdays

      Wednesday nights have always been a night for society's and friends to head out into London and explore the city especial sports teams with matches on wednesday. When karaoke was on Thursday we all went with the soul intension of enjoying the event start to finish, but with it being moved to the Wednesday we are unable to enjoy the event to the fullest, for society's it has become a "pre's" for there main event of the night going out into London to a club. So please move it make to a Thursday so we all can enjoy the wonderful event of karaoke to the fullest start to finish
    Kaelynn Patrick
    7am on 18 Oct 22 Yes !
    George Warren
    7:12am on 18 Oct 22 Yes, couldn’t agree more!
    Georgia Maria Chapman De Almeida
    10:04am on 18 Oct 22 Miss the Thursdays :(
    Robert Thomas Bell
    3:36pm on 18 Oct 22 Based
    Ella Grace Charlton
    8:10pm on 19 Oct 22 yes pls
    Georgia Louisa Parsons
    1:41pm on 20 Oct 22 Yes
    Paris Rebekah Arnold
    1:44pm on 20 Oct 22 Yes! I agree
    Cameron George Dray
    2:03pm on 20 Oct 22 Very Based
    Amber Fryer
    2:03pm on 20 Oct 22 Definitely agree
    Shania Alicia Ashanti Williams
    2:32pm on 20 Oct 22 Agreed
    Joanne Elizabeth Murphy
    10:49am on 25 Oct 22 Only problem is that it might affect how many people want to go to BOP the next day
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