Weekly Film Screening
3rd October
Sir David Bell Cinema
Pole Fitness Monday Class
3rd October
Jebb Auditorium
Tuesday Yoga
4th October
Monte Hall
Writing Society Meetup
4th October
Fincham 001
Weekly Fellowship
4th October


Substance Use and Mental Health

This article will raise your awareness of the different types of  drugs and alcohol and the common short and long-term effects associated with each of

Crisis Support Space

I am currently working on creating a safe space for students who are in mental health crisis during the night. This space would provide students in cr



Students’ Union Council

A surefire way for students to engage with student issues.

Course withdrawal updates.
Student writing

Important information below

AfroEats - Meet the RSU suppliers
Annoh from AfroEats

Summer Ball, Jerk chicken & midnight meals. We sat down with AfroEats about the upcoming year!

Meet your resident DJ's - Rodz
Rodz the resident DJ

Find Rodz at BOP and events across the year.

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    Detailed map

      I'm a mature, off-campus student going into my second year. It would be very beneficial for there to be a more detailed map with the location of the locker and showers areas, as well the bike rack locations. I study Primary Education and I know that there is a common area for us to study somewhere around the Education block, but I have no idea where it is. This is unfortunate as I know myself and others would love to be use this space. Likewise with showers. The map we have now is aesthetically pleasing but it lacks the detailed information that students need. Thank you.
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