Trip to the London Vegan Comedy Festival
1st October
Kensington Town Hall
Come Along to Vegan Society's First Trip of the Year!
Wimbledon Common WILD Walk
1st October
Meet Outside The Library
Growhampton 10th Birthday- Bread Making Workshop
2nd October
Meet outside RSU reception, Froebel Campus
Free Bread Making Workshop with Juli from 'East Sheen Microbakery'
Growhampton 10th Birthday: Free London Wetland Centre Trip
2nd October
Meet outside RSU reception, Froebel Campus
Free trip to the London Wetland Centre
Growhampton 10th Birthday: Free Barista Intro Workshop
2nd October
Hive Cafe, Digby Campus
Free Barista Introduction Workshop (£10 deposit to book your space which will be refunded after attending the event)


Substance Use and Mental Health

This article will raise your awareness of the different types of  drugs and alcohol and the common short and long-term effects associated with each of

Crisis Support Space

I am currently working on creating a safe space for students who are in mental health crisis during the night. This space would provide students in cr



RSU's Democracy Review - What you said

RSU have recently completed a democracy review. We are sharing the feedback from the Big Survey and focus groups, and telling you how we are changing the student leadership and representation system.

"What is an Eating Disorder?" - ED Awareness Week

"What is an Eating Disorder?" - This year’s National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is taking place between February 27th- March 5th

What are the UCU Strikes?

Information on the UCU Strikes taking place in November and what it means.

SABB Statement: Iran Crisis

We at Roehampton stand in solidarity with the Iranian and Kurdish women and men who are sacrificing their lives to fight for human rights and are protesting for a better future.

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    Digby Stuart Student Common Room!

      One of my wishes as President is to create an efficient space for Digby students to socialise in. The Digby College Kitchen and Diner do not suit the needs of the general student population in terms of socialising, activities, and promotion of those. Whiteland's have their bar/café space with game activities, Southland's have the reef (with ping pong tables, computers, etc), and Froebel has their College Kitchen/Computer room & The Union which is a significantly larger space than the Digby College Kitchen and designed to serve as a social space as opposed to an extension of the cafeteria for commuter students. Being the largest college, we need a space much like the other colleges possess, if not more so due to our large student population of roughly 2000 students. I have been in contact with the Estates Team for 6 months now regarding this matter and have been informed that there simply isn't space in the College to provide this service at this time - however, when there is a demand, the supply must be met. If there is no space - space needs to be made. I am hoping that by creating this petition, I can demonstrate to Estates and others involved the real importance of having a Common Room for students and that this is something that students want and need. So please upvote this idea if you would finally like a space to socialise in just like all the other Colleges have.
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