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The Big RSU Survey Update (18/05/21)

Here's a quick update about how The Big RSU Survey is performing and some exciting news on some NEW prizes!

Roehampton Students' Union Launches Strategic Planning Exercise

Over the next few months, we will be reaching out to you, the students, to find out what we should be prioritising in the future.

RSU Elections 2021 - Your RSU Officers

Take a look at who will be the RSU Sabbatical and Part-Time Officers for the academic year 2021/22.

White Claw's Wave of Summer Quiz ft The Provibers

White Claw's Wave of Summer Quiz ft The Provibers. Get your ticket and two free cans of White Claw by going to

Society Committee Elections 2021 Candidates Announced

Take a look at the candidates who are running in this years Society Committee Elections

Late-Night Events
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    More lighting on campus and surveillance of gates!

      Call on the RSU to vote through this motion to put pressure on the University to implement these changes ASAP. In light of the tragic passing of Sarah Everard, women across the country have voiced their concerns about safety. Student's have raised the issue of poor lighting on campus and public access to the University many times. As a Student representative, I have received multiple requests over the last week for this to happen. The best way to get this done quickly, is for the RSU to support the motion. Students don't just need wellbeing support. This is a solution rather than prevention. More lighting is needed around Frobel Lawn and forest areas, The pathway from Frobel to Digby, and other smaller areas across campus. Students want to feel safe on campus and to be supported. This is something that is currently not happening, or is not being done efficiently as the same issues continue to come up. Student safety should be top priority. The RSU should support this motion, and continue to liase with students and Senior Management to prioritise student safety on campus.
    Molly Gravestock
    7:16pm on 16 Mar 21 Thank you Orla, fully support this!
    Diana Carolina Realpe Galindo
    9:45pm on 16 Mar 21 Great idea! I’m gonna share it with my friends to get more votes!
    Tiegan Hall-Turner
    10:14am on 17 Mar 21 FULLY support this and I really hope this gets the votes it needs. Thank you for this Orla!
    Gabriella Voordewind
    11:11am on 17 Mar 21 Fully support this! We definitely need more lighting + cameras all throughout campus. Especially considering that one girl who got assaulted on campus
    Sazeeb Badredoha Rafit
    3:22pm on 20 Mar 21 Fully support this. we must need more light + CC TV cameras so that our campus can be safe for us. and more lighting will increase our campus beauty. So i support this.
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