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The RSU needs you!


If you would like to facilitate the forthcoming campaigns against sexual harassment, sexual assault and hate crime at the University of Roehampton, check out the information below for regularly updated ways that you can actively participate...





Are you enthusiastic about informing and empowering young people?

Do you think more can be done in the Roehampton community to prevent sexual harassment, assault, and hate crime?  

Sexpression:UK is a student-led independent charity with the aim to inform and empower young people about their sexual health and relationships, by running informal and comprehensive SRE (Sex and Relationship Education) in the community.

So far, there are 26 branches at universities throughout the UK, but the University of Roehampton is not one of them. Now, you alongside other like-minded students, have the chance to change that!

To start the Roehampton Sexpression:UK process, we need at least four students, who are enthusiastic about forming a committee to run a branch at the university.

Sexpression:UK is primarily tailored to young people between 14 and 18, but is expanded across the network commonly into university age groups and down to the age of around 12. Each committee member will be thoroughly trained in line with Sexpression:UK’s core offer; including topics such as sex and consent, sexual orientation and gender identity (LGBTQ+), relationships and abuse, sex, and the media; and will be trained in line with the organisations child protection policies to recognise and report potential safeguarding issues.


Information we will need from the lead member would include:

- How have you identified a need for a Sexpression branch in your area? 

- How have you identified a keen volunteer base? 

- Why do you believe sex and relationships education is important? 

- What experience do you have relevant to the role? 

- It takes a great deal of time to initially set up a branch, how will you manage your time effectively? 

- Sexpression:UK provides no financial support for the first year, how do you plan to fund your activities? 

- What type of branch activities do you plan to arrange? 


If you have any questions regarding the role, or would like to become a member/lead member of the founding Roehampton branch committee, please email the Safer Roehampton Intern at