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There are many options for a cheap student night out, and here we have five ways to save some cash when going out.

Cheap Cinema deals

Most people know about this: Cinemas and various companies offer cheap midweek deals. Odeon do half price cinema on Mondays and if you go once they give you a voice for 2 people to see a film for £10. At Cineworld there advantage cards which allow you to pay a small price and

Fact is, most phone companies offer similar deals, such as O2's Priorities programme.

Independent and less well known cinema chains – such as Ritzy Cinemas – may offer their own discount days or cheap student tickets too.

If you avoid going at the weekend or evening, then going to the cinema can be a very cheap night out!

Last minute tickets

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t mind getting up and going, then make use of last minute websites. Several websites offer cheap tickets to theatre shows, musicals, concerts, events and more at hugely discounted prices to shift leftover seats.

While it’s often quite London-centric, you may be able to find some cheap places to go out near you too. Websites to check out include Last Minute, Time Out (London only) and Get Me In (for Concerts especially).

Free TV show recordings

A totally fun and free day or night out can be had by going off to a TV recording. Tickets to watch shows – both live and recorded – are usually completely free, with the catch that it’s first come, first serve.


From QI to The X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing to Question Time and even radio shows such as The Unbelievable Truth are all free to attend.

Attend a gig in a record store

Instore gigs have become central to a band's marketing plan, so most of the retail giants regularly host free gigs, as do independents such as Banquet records in Kingston or Rough Trade East. Check the website for details of performances. You may need to apply in advance to gain entry if it's a popular band.

Go to a cheap gig

22 Blenheim Gardens, Brixton Hill, London, SW2 5BZ

The Windmill is a great live music venue in Brixton without a whiff of corporate sponsorship and an adventurous bookings policy. Tickets hover around the £5 mark.

Go out early

Save money on the door of your favourite night clubs by getting there early or on quieter nights. Most places will allow free entry on certain days and at certain times, and often the drinks will be cheaper too.

If you don’t fancy an early night, make sure to see if you can add your name to the guest list for free or reduced entry, every saving can mean an extra drink! When it comes to drink, look out for offers and try pre-drinking at home with booze from the local shop rather than a bar if you’re extra strapped for cash.

Beautify on a budget

We recommend a trip to the Esthetique Salon - part of the London School of Beauty, where supervised students will soothe away worry lines, aches and pains. Eyebrow and eyelash treatments start from £5 with a manicure available at just £9. Booking in advance is recommended as slots fill up fast.  Find them at 48 Margaret Street, W1W 8SB

Have a night out… in!

Of course the night in is the easiest option ahead of all the above, and needn’t be boring. Get with some friends and spread the cost – One person buys the drink, another food and the other the movie. Save extra cash by taking advantage of midweek deals offered by Take Out chains, such as Domino’s Tuesday special (available at time of writing).

Set a limit and stick to it!

We all know the story, at the cash point you took out £50, "just in case" and you ended up spending it all.


You've got no money left for your bus pass to university and you end up missing a week's lectures. DON'T let this happen.

Set yourself a limit before you go out, only take this amount of money and leave all cash cards and credit cards at home.  Take £10 for emergencies and don't TOUCH IT. If anything, give it to a trustworthy friend to look after so it doesn't get spent. Your head and stomach as well as your bank account will thank you for it tomorrow!