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It is important to keep up a healthy lifestyle whilst living and studying in London. If you eat regularly and healthily you will be the right weight and feel good in body and mind.

There are several things that could affect your eating habits as a student including:

  1. Hectic lifestyles
  2. A lack of routine
  3. Excessive partying
  4. A heavy workload
  5. Homesickness
  6. Cooking for yourself

And being in charge of your own food intake for the first time

If you're a fast food junkie, underestimate the sugar and calorie content of alcohol and soft drinks, and don't get enough exercise, then both your health and waistline could suffer.

On the other hand, reducing the amount you eat can also be detrimental to your health. If you eat too little you will find it harder to concentrate and sleep, and are likely to feel lethargic and unmotivated.

Staying Healthy

You may believe that, as a student, you can't afford to eat healthy and nutritious food. This isn't true. Making your own regular balanced meals can be the cheapest and healthiest way to eat. For example buying fruit and vegetables fromĀ our Hive Market Day.

The NHS Healthy eating pagesĀ have more information about good food, healthy recipes, losing weight, food safety and digestive health.