Looking for student friendly accommodation? 
Try www.studentpad.co.uk .  BUT – these properties are not vetted by the Uni or by the Students’ Union.  Be careful, and get advice on the contract before signing.

Give yourself at least 4 weeks to find somewhere to live.  
Visit the property – check it’s suitable for you (and not in a bad state!). 
See our accommodation checklist in our accommodation booklet (click here). The landlord may want references from you, and a deposit.  Do not take on a private letting without viewing it first!

What can you afford?  What’s your budget, and how much are average rents where you are looking for somewhere to live?   
To find out the average costs for what you are looking for in your area, go to https://lha-direct.voa.gov.uk/search.aspx Remember that you don’t just have to budget for the rent, you will probably have to pay a month’s rent as a deposit, and to pay the first month’s rent in advance.


Maxina Pattison Off Campus Accommodation                     0208 392 4451
Picasso, Mount Clare


University of Roehampton Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/555616781138738/?fref=ts

Should you need any extra information:


A list of companies and links to contact details can be found here: www.electricity-guide.org.uk/companies


A list of gas companies and contact details can be found here:


Thames Water

0800 980 8800