If you need any help throughout your time on campus at the University of Roehampton always feel free to contact the accommodation department.
Each college has their own staff member for accommodation related issues, so please feel free to contact them 24/7.
Froebel – nicola.kavanagh@roehampton.ac.uk
Whitelands - j.marsh@roehampton.ac.uk
Digby - y.douglas@roehampton.ac.uk
Southlands - y.douglas@roehampton.ac.uk

Applying for halls on campus is first given to 1st years starting university with the remainder being taken by flat reps, which you can apply to be on each college in January each year. Occasionally there are a few rooms available on campus if you need to stay close or have a medical reason.

For all first years you apply for halls during the summer after you accept your offer.  You pick the college or type of room you wish and then when you receive an offer of a room you will be required to pay a deposit of £250 in order to secure the room in hall. Before paying the deposit, you will need to have already accepted the offer of a place in hall.