Conduct and Discipline

 If you are called to a conduct or disciplinary hearing, you will be offered the opportunity to bring along a supporter, the SU advises you do this, and we can support you in this. The supporter is not there to represent you (unless you ask for them to do so) but they are there to make sure the process is followed correctly and the student is treated fairly.


Malpractice and Plagiarism

As with conduct and disciplinary hearings, the University will offer the opportunity to have a supporter present when attending these meetings. The SU advises that you do so and would also advise due to the expertise and knowledge of its staff that you seek out their advice before any meeting. The SU are also on hand to provide the supporter role in these meetings, however, that is up to the student.


Fitness to Study

It is important whilst studying at Roehampton that you are fully able enough to undertake your studies. If you feel you cannot you must contact your department immediately, they will be able to support you and seek a solution. If you need independent advice on issues arising from this please contact the RSU who will be able to advise and support you.


To book an appointment email the Advice Service at: