If you are not satisfied with your result(s) or a recent academic decision affecting your studies at Roehampton, you should firstly approach the appropriate person (usually a module tutor, personal tutor, programme convenor etc.) within your Department to get detailed feedback.

You cannot appeal a mark or a decision because:

  1. You are unhappy with it, or…
  2. If you thought you would have achieved a higher mark.

This is because it would be considered to be challenging the academic judgement of the markers, or examining body.

All students are advised to first speak to an appropriate person within their Department to try and resolve the issue on an informal basis. Informal appeals may be different in each Department, so your department might have a verbal or a written process.

What can we do?

There are always several ways for the SU to support you through this process. The academic adviser can:

  1. Clarify if your appeal fits into one of the grounds
  2. Explain the informal and formal appeal process to you, and help guide you through the stages
  3. Help put together a statement
  4. Advise on what evidence you should submit along with your appeal
  5. Help monitor the progress of your appeal
  6. Come with you to any meetings to provide support and representation

Please follow the following link for more information on the University website about the Appeals Process: https://www.roehampton.ac.uk/current-students/appeals/