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Academic Appeals


If you are unhappy with your result(s) or a recent academic decision affecting your studies at Roehampton then you can request to appeal this grade/decision! 

IMPORTANT: Your appeal must be made to the Universtiy Secretariat within 14 days of the official decision. 


You can appeal a mark or decision if:

  • There were procedural irregularities or administrative errors which are sufficient to cast reasonable doubt on the overall fairness of the decision, or which have resulted in the decision being recorded incorrectly

  • Your (the student's) academic performance was substantially affected by circumstances which were unknown to those making the decision and which you (the student) could not with reasonable diligence have disclosed before the decision was made

  • There is evidence of prejudice or bias against the student on the part of one or more of the individuals involved in making the decision which is sufficient to cast reasonable doubt on the overall fairness of the decision


You can not appeal a mark or a decision because:

  • You are unhappy with it
  • You thought that you would have achieved a higher mark
(This is because it would be considered to be challenging the academic judgement of the markers, or examining body)


What can the RSU Advice Service do?

There are always several ways for the RSU to support you through this process.

The academic adviser can:

  • Clarify whether your appeal fits into one of the grounds
  • Explain both the informal and formal appeals process to you 
  • Help to guide you through the appeal stages and to put together a statement
  • Advise on what evidence you should submit along with your appeal
  • Help monitor the progress of your appeal
  • Attend meetings with you for support or representation

For more information on the Appeals Process, please click here 

If you would like to contact an advisor, please email: