Sabbatical Officers are full-time representatives of the student-body who are elected during our spring elections. 

They work hard to fully represent the student body on campus and strive to help make Roehampton to be an amazing place for students.

Our three Sabbatical Officers are here to support and represent you.


Vice President of Education

The VP Education is an elected official with specific responsibilities for pursuing the academic interests of students here at Roehampton. 

They work directly Programme and Department Reps to help increase student engagement and participation, whilst also being a leading figure in creating key-relationships with the university to help enact academic change. 

They also leads on gathering student feedback through national initiatives, such as the National Students Survey (NSS) and the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)

Vice President of Community & Welfare

The VP Community & Welfare is an elected official with specific responsibilities around student welfare and community engagement. 

They work to champion equality and diversity on campus whilst also developing and maintaining key relationships with the universities support services. 

They also strive to develop college life initiatives and activities for off-campus students.

RSU President

The RSU President is the lead elected representative of the RSU to the university, National Union of Students (NUS) and external bodies. 

They work to uphold the democratic nature of the RSU and coordinate the Students’ Union Council whilst leading the other officers to establish projects based on the work of the RSU, student campaigns and feedback. 

They act as the primary ambassador for the RSU and champion the vision, strategy and policies of the union.