Programme Reps

Programme Reps are elected students that represent the student voice here at Roehampton.

Their main role is to liaise with and represent the views and opinions of students on their programme. They collect feedback and communicate this with both the RSU and the university to encourage change on their programme. 

Programme Reps are appointed during the first term, so if you’re interested in becoming a Programme Rep, please let your lecturer know or email

What is a programme rep?

You are a representative for students on your programme. You give a voice to the issues that are affecting you and your classmates. Your voice is not a single voice but a collective one, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

You will communicate with students, Programme Conveners, Department Reps, and the RSU to raise issues and bring feedback to Programme Board meetings at least once a term. This is where academic staff respond to feedback and action matters to make tangible changes to the student experience. We want to ensure issues are raised and addressed quickly so students can get the most out of their time at Roehampton.

You will gain a wide range of skills from communication to decision making, time management, teamwork, and negotiation, and get to work closely with both the University and RSU staff.

Responsibilities of being a Rep:

  • Communicate with your Department Rep before and after Programme Board meetings
  • Attend Programme Board meetings, and send apologies if you can’t make it
  • Attend Rep Forums (sometimes called Programme Rep Forums or Department Rep Forums)
  • Collect feedback from students on your programme using feedback forms or surveys (you need to do this before Programme Boards)
  • Share feedback with Department Reps and the RSU at Rep Forums, and with University staff at Programme Boards. For any recurring or big issues, email to make us aware
  • Share feedback outcomes with students using the feedback outcomes form, and let them know of decisions and changes made in Programme Board meetings
  •  Promote and encourage participation of surveys such as NSS and distribute and collect module evaluations forms

Click here for more details on what a Programme Rep does.

Click here to download the Programme rep recruitment powerpoint.


Feedback Form - Please use this form to collate the feedback you receive from your peers. You can download the Feedback form here.

Outcomes Form - Please use this form to write down the issues you raised and the outcomes that were achieved at the programme board. You can download the Outcomes Form here.


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