ARCHIVE: Students' Union Council

Every month, your elected RSU officers meet for Students’ Union Council (SUC) to discuss issues that impact students and make decisions on the work of the Sabbatical Officer team and wider SU.

Here, Officers provide updates on their campaigns and projects, discuss new Ideas, and review RSU policies and procedures.

All students are welcome to attend SUC to offer feedback or to voice their opinions.

SU Council Round-Up:

SU Council 7, held on 9th May 2023:

  • SU Council elected the following students into officer roles for 2023/24:
    • SU Council Chair - Harrison Cohen
    • Mature Students' Officer - Lynsey Cowlishaw
    • Societies Officer - Sevval Sidar Keskin
    • Trans Students' Officer - Sasha Goloborodko
  • SU Council received the RSU's audited financial accounts - this can be found attached in the papers below
  • All RSU Officers gave a final update on their progress throughout their year in office
  • Your NUS Liberation Conference delegates (Mushtaq, Nafisa, Fahad, El, Yasamin, and Theviya) gave a report about their experiences at the conference
  • An update was given regarding the progress of every passed RSU Council policy during this academic year


SU Council 6, held on 11th April 2023:

  • SU Council noted Summer Ball and the RSU Big Survey. RSU are currently undergoing a democracy review, to assess how our processes support you in representing yourself and other students: to have your say, fill out the Big Survey
  • Officers discussed ideas to be developed into proposals for funding available through Student Senate
  • The Sabbatical Officers updated about their experience at NUS National Conference


SU Council 5, held on 9th March 2023:

  • SU Council noted the results of the recent RSU Officer Elections and agreed to open the co-option process to fill remaining vacancies. We will be providing a timeline on this process shortly - so look out if you're interested!
  • SU Council approved Ross Deluchi as the fourth Delegate going to NUS National Conference.
  • The Sabbatical Officers each gave an update on what they've been doing. Highlights include working to amend mitigating circumstances. the success of the cheap meal series, homelessness awareness, and Summer Ball preparations - you can buy a ticket here!
  • Officers also discussed the impact of the Elm Grove fire, raising awareness about eating disorders, improving digital networks, and initiative ideas that could be funded by money saved from industrial action. 


SU Council 4, held on 7th February 2023:

  • SU Council again voted to support UCU striking staff. 
  • SU Council noted that nominations to join next year's RSU Officer team is currently open.
  • The Sabbatical Officers each gave an update on what they've been doing. Highlights include planning for LGBTQ+ History Month, a review of the collection process for community fridges, and a cheap meals series.


SU Council 3, held on 6th December 2022:

  • SU Council rejected proposals to follow the University in adopting the working definitions of antisemitism (IHRA) and Islamophobia (APPG). Officers will now collaborate to re-introduce new working definitions that are more inclusive.
  • Officers discussed the recent UCU strikes. For students wanting more information, you can view: UoR FAQs, RSU FAQs, or UCU FAQS
  • Officers discussed problems students are facing with the cost-of-living crisis. VP (Community & Welfare), Sharon Azams is looking into schemes to support more students, and had Officer feedback on this.
  • The Sabbatical Officers each gave an update on what they've been doing. Highlights include developing the TEF student submission, decolonisation & race education campaigns, and developing a mitigating circumstances working group.


SU Council 2, held on 10th November 2022:

  • SU Council unanimously passed a proposal to support the UCU's striking staff! You can find the proposal here.
  • Student Sasha Goloborodko was elected the new Trans Students' Officer! The election to fill the vacant Interfaith Officer position has been deferred to the next meeting - interested students can apply here.
  • Gender Equality Officer, Lily Wells' and Mental Health Officer, Elliot Barlow's proposal 'No More Other!' passed unanimously
    • A student taskforce will now work to encourage the university to change the titles on their enrolment forms, and will undertake research on how to make forms more inclusive
  • Officers were elected to multiple committee positions / roles:
    • Trans Students' Officer, Sasha Goloborodko elected to Student Executive Committee
    • Mental Health Officer, Elliot Barlow and Trans Students' Officer, Sasha Goloborodko elected to Elections Committee


SU Council 1, held on 18th October 2022:

  • The Trans Students' Officer and Interfaith Officer positions are now open for applicants. These positions will be elected at the next meeting of SU Council on the 10th November. 

  • SU Council received an update about all the work done throughout Black History Month, and students are encouraged to get involved with the final few events `before the end of October
  • Digby Stuart College President, Harvey Henson's proposal 'Ensure Campus is Accessible for All Students' passed unanimously
    • A student taskforce will now work to ensure the continued improvement of accessibility across campus, and are open to suggestions about inaccessible areas
  • Officers were elected to multiple committee positions / roles:
    • Southlands College President, Fahad Ahmed and Muslim Students' Officer, Sana Siddique elected to Student Executive Committee
    • Gender Equality Officer, Lily Wells elected PTO Student Trustee
    • RSU President, Harrison Cohen elected SU Council Vice-Chair


Emergency SU Council, held on 4th October 2022:

  • SU Council passed three proposals about the University's academic staff cuts, calling for:

    • The University to improve student access to timetabling, programme communications, and enrolment

    • The University to provide further support to all students negatively affected by programme changes incurred by the academic staff cuts
    • The University to pledge to no more staff redundancies for three years


Below, you can find all SU Council Papers: Agenda & Minutes (inc. Officer updates):

For any questions about the Round-Ups, SU Council papers or anything else about RSU democratic procedures, please contact