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All of these ideas have passed and are now RSU policy. The RSU will campaign to implement these ideas on your behalf. 

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    Please bring back the alternative room in Bop!

      I, amongst others, am very disappointed at the sudden change in music played in the second room at Bop. Since the beginning of this term what used to be a haven for those of us who enjoy a real variety of genres (pop, pop punk, indie, rock, cheesy 80s, etc.) has now become a copy of the main room. The music played in the main room is very popular with a lot of students however it's important to be diverse and cater for as many students as possible. During Fresher's Bop, Fresher's Finale and Superhero Bop all the songs played were from the R&B genre. The only saving grace at Fresher's Bop was the Silent Disco which had an alternative channel which was appreciated. The main room consists primarily of club / R&B with occasional spattering’s of pop music. It would be fair if the second room could focus more on alternative with occasional R&B / club. I believe it would be fairer to strike a balance so everyone can have a good night.
    Patrick Alexander Thomas
    12:51pm on 30 Sep 17 100% agree with everything said. The second room was an area for those such as myself who aren't a fan of conventional club music. To suddenly change it without any notice is both ludicrous and disappointing.
    Shannon Sylvia King
    4:13pm on 30 Sep 17 The rock society backs this! There needs to be more variety in order to attract more students to Bop, Which in turn provides more money for the RSU.
    Leah Allen
    6:26pm on 30 Sep 17 It would be nice for the second room to play rock music. I feel left out not knowing what the contemporary pop songs being played are, it makes the experience a little boring for me. It would also be beneficial to play a more diverse range of rock, like metal or deathrock than just pop punk music.
    Jamie Joshua Williams
    3:15pm on 2 Oct 17 Leave the R&B to Fez. Bop essentially felt like the same event last week. Music plays a big role in making the RSU events feel diverse, and a lot of what made Bop special last year was lost when the second room was turned into a complete cliche . The alternative room is Bop!
    Frederic Cooper
    7:33pm on 3 Oct 17 As someone who spends almost every Friday in the first aid room, please bring back the alternative room! It's much nicer to listen to every Friday!
    Mars Nicoli
    3:24am on 4 Oct 17 Honestly I felt like wasting my money on BOP last week. I liked BOP mainly because of the alternative music option and I feel this change was very disappointing and uncalled for as both rooms used to be very full last year. Pretty please, listen to this!
    Matthew Lee Searle
    6:51pm on 4 Oct 17 Here here! I never really used to go to bop, I was never really tempted by it. I normally go out I'm Kingston/central to alternative nights but felt a hit sad to neglect bop due to how many people I know go. Living off campus as well means that I (as well as many others) don't get as much of the campus life as others. Being in the second room of bop, however, was a saving grace that all of the alternative kids could go to! We get to dance to our favourite music and see all our uni mates. Myself personally and possibly others, feel so awkward in the bop room, it just isn't as enjoyable to us. Knowing that there was an alternative room for previous years and not now can make us feel like we're not really welcome, you need to provide for all devrsities and make everyone happy and a lot of people aren't not! I'll always DJ it if that's the case. #BringBackTheBlackParade
    Rhiannon Georgia Eileen Tole
    12:17pm on 13 Oct 17 I went to Bop last week (6th October) and was a lot happier with the music in the 2nd room. I remember hearing My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Wheatus, as well as some classics from Jackson 5, Whitney Huston and many more. If Bop continues like this then I'll be very happy honestly. I'm not asking for anything more, I just want the 2nd room to be back to how it was in the last academic year. Thanks! ??
    Deqa Jama Ali
    1:12pm on 13 Oct 17 I think this is a fantastic idea. Bop needs to be more diverse in alot of ways and needs to cater to the people it represents.
    Rowan Elizabeth Ansty Heys Moreton
    10:12pm on 13 Oct 17 THIS is why I left the Freshers Fair BOP after 15 minutes. I don't enjoy (or know much) modern music and felt completely left out at BOP. An alternative music room would encourage me to actually go and try to have fun.
    Jordan Paul Gregory
    11:15am on 14 Oct 17 Completely agree, the music last night were terrible again and it's unfair. There should be music for all of us.