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All of these ideas have passed and are now RSU policy. The RSU will campaign to implement these ideas on your behalf. 

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    Roehampton University should offer scholarships or bursaries for Refugees and Asylum Seekers that wish to pursue a degree - Equal Access Campaign

      Student Action for Refugees (STAR) charity is leading a campaign with NUS to ensure that asylum seekers have equal access to higher education. There are over 60 UK Universities that help integrate refugees and asylum seekers into higher education through the Equal Access Campaign; Roehampton STAR Society agrees and wants Roehampton University to be on the list. We are asking the University to offer scholarships or bursaries for refugees and asylum seekers that wish to pursue a degree. This can be in the form of a fee waiver, covering accommodation and living costs or an annual scholarship. Everybody has the right to an education. Diversity is a fact, inclusion a choice.
    Mikail Ali-Hassan
    5:23pm on 1 Feb 19 very good