Ideas that have passed

All of these ideas have passed and are now RSU policy. The RSU will campaign to implement these ideas on your behalf. 

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    Bring Back the Cash Machine in the Union

      As many of you may have noticed the cash machine in the Union has gone. Yes I know that the bar has stopped doing a £5 limit to pay by card and Bop is now accepting card at the door. However, this has left the whole of the University with one cash point. Please up vote this idea to bring back the cash machine in the Union.
    Anya Watt
    9pm on 27 Jan 18 100% support this agree we need it back as it was used so much - but there’s a cash machine on digby at Santander so the campus isn’t without one :)
    Georgina Elizabeth Coy
    6:32pm on 1 Feb 18 Yes