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    RSU to lobby TfL to increase the number of 72 buses during peak times for students.

      There have been changes to the 72 bus route in London following a transport audit by TfL. The 72 bus route runs from Bessborough Road, Roehampton to East Acton. The majority of changes are south of Hammersmith Bridge; they have reduced the amount of buses and increased the waiting time between them. Below the bridge they are as follows: Mon. to Fri. 7 AM to 9 AM & 4.30 PM to 6.30 PM: 1 bus every 6 minutes as opposed to 1 every 4 minutes. That is 5 buses less every hour (10 as opposed to 15). Mon. to Fri. the rest of daytime: 1 bus every 8 minutes as opposed to 1 every 4 minutes. Half as many buses per hour. Sun. daytime and evenings: 1 bus every 12 minutes as opposed to 1 every 6 minutes. Half as many buses per hour. RSU should lobby TfL and our MP to improve the bus route again, it was already packed at peak times but now students are having to wait even longer for the bus.
    Megan Jackson
    4:01pm on 19 Oct 17 I really don't mean to be rude, but surely with the high levels of pollution in London this is something we should welcome? I understand it can be frustrating as they used to be so regular, but when they were every 1-4 mins alot of the buses, for a large amount of the route were half empty. or there would be multiple of the same bus following eachother because the were scheduled so close together. Waiting 8-12 mins for a bus isn't such a big deal, especially as if you check city mapper you can make sure you're not going to be late for uni or work.