Ideas referred to Trustee Board

Here is where the Ideas are if the SUC have referred the Idea to the Trustee Board. If the SUC feels the Idea needs to be scrutinised further because of a financial, legal, reputational or ethical risk to the RSU, it will refer the Idea to the Trustee Board.


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Christopher Larkins
2:33pm on 22 Feb 17 Agree!
Mehreen Begg
4:33pm on 25 Feb 17 A great idea and Roehampton should be part of this kind of initiative.
George Edward Mesure
11:56pm on 26 Feb 17 Very much agree!
Hillary Ann Nevyjel
11:03am on 27 Feb 17 Roey should definitely do this! "Diversity is a fact, inclusion a choice"
Greta Ruffino
2:28pm on 1 Mar 17 Great idea. Thanks for sharing it with us!
Callum James Harry Tweedie
5:39pm on 1 Mar 17 Great idea
Abbie Lyn Smith
7:13pm on 1 Mar 17 Great idea hope this happens!!
Zibusiso Nyatito
3:49pm on 2 Mar 17 This would be a great help.
Joshua Luthwaite
11:46am on 3 Mar 17 Both a positive and progressive idea!
Nicolae Cepoi
12:47pm on 3 Mar 17 Absolutely not.
Amy Hunt
5:30pm on 3 Mar 17 YES YES YES. Amazing idea.