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    Reusable plastic cups across the university

      I propose that we use reusable plastic cups across our university to create change, helping future students! I propose we use a deposit system whereby you give £1 extra at the first pint and then you receive this back on your last ping if you return the cup. Together we can make change.
    Amelia Ruth Laura Webber
    3:57pm on 18 Nov 16 i think perhaps one pound may be a little steep. a little less?
    Karoline Blokhus Eliassen
    10:24am on 19 Nov 16 A pound is fine, you get it back at the end of the night after all, and a "high" deposit encourages people to bring the cup back :)
    Ciara Megan Ansley
    10:09am on 20 Nov 16 £1 literally is so cheap to save the planet billions of pounds worth of damage. If you don't want to look at it that way, it gives an incentive to return the cup/reuse the cup, plus if you're getting it back then you're not actually losing money at all, you're spending the same price for 2 pints at the end of the day.
    Anne Malewski
    9:24am on 22 Nov 16 I've seen some bars use cups that look like regular plastic cups but are made from something else so they're more environmentally friendly and more easily recyclable - might be an idea on top of the deposit system (not instead of)?
    Joanne Trouble McKillop
    9:27am on 22 Nov 16 You'll get your pound back, so what's the worry? I'd pay the deposit and I drink like a fish. Do you know why we call this the Anthropocene era? Because human deposits are the biggest affector of the geology being laid down today. We now have plastic rocks bein dug out of the ground. Plastic rocks! Meanwhile the Great Pacific Garbage Patch varies by estimate from the size of Texas to twice the size of the continental USA! We can't not do this. We can't look the other way and say "not my circus, not my monkeys" because Earth is everybody's circus, and we as a thirsty body of students definitely have more than a few monkeys' worth of plastic out there.
    Nour Kayali
    9:30am on 22 Nov 16 Sounds good!
    Sarah Cantwell
    10:14am on 22 Nov 16 Great idea. I'm in full suport of this.
    Anya Watt
    1:43pm on 22 Nov 16 Support this idea! I'm totally the student who would take my cup home though :/ so £1 deposits a good idea but I'm not sure many students would see it as insentive to leave the cups there - I'd still take my pint home with me at the end of my night but feel less bad about it because i left them a £1 at least
    Louis John Huxley
    2:14pm on 22 Nov 16 I think the £1 idea is good. But Anne has a great point. Some outdoor bars and clubs use plastic cups that are easily reusable. Also the £1 idea would cause queues at the bar or wherever the area is to collect the £1 back. I think we should strictly suggest the use of reusable plastic to the bar, and hopefully as the students of roehampton bring a lot of revenue for them, they cooperate!
    Megan Faye Lewis
    2:22pm on 22 Nov 16 This is an amazing idea! In regards to deposits/queues you could always leave specific bins by the exits which students could throw the cups into if they're not bothered about getting money back. During events like bop the exits are watched by security anyway, so there could be bins by the exit doors- which would maybe stop the idea of queues. That or you implement a similar idea to that of the Hive and keep cups- you have a charge for new cup/discount when you do bring back one of the reusable cups. This way you wouldn't have the queues for deposit. I think this would work better for busy events like bop. That or have the deposit on the entrance and then exit. There are lots of ways to implement this: it's a really important issue that I think should definitely be put into place!
    Berenice-Leonie Cruse
    2:34pm on 22 Nov 16 In terms of queuing, I'm not sure if it's ever busy enough that this would be a real issue (aside from Bop). Even so, surely then it would make sense that the cups don't have to be returned the same day as they are purchased, but could be valid to be returned even days/weeks later? Or you'd never return the cup, and just keep reusing every time you come back to the bar! :) :D
    Jacob Elliot Bathgate
    2:56pm on 22 Nov 16 I completely agree with the £1 idea. Its cheap enough to be worth it, while being enough money to get people to comply with the policy - however grumbly they may be, and whatever their position on climate change, they will have to comply to save themselves money (and the planet!)
    Sian Campling
    3:08pm on 22 Nov 16 I think the £1 idea in theory could work, although when you put it into actual scenarios like bop it is simply infeasible. The queues at the bar are long enough and stressful for the bar staff without having to deal with hundreds of people who are waiting to get their £1 back at the end of the night. People would start to get bored and then become rude. I think new students should be issued a cup when they start the university and use that every time they go to the bar, if not then they should have to pay a charge for another cup along with their drink. What are the bar doing about recycling the plastic?
    Charlotte Rebecca Hogg
    5:48pm on 22 Nov 16 I do love this idea, but then nights like bop do make this an issue due to how busy the bar can be!
    Hillary Ann Nevyjel
    7:29pm on 22 Nov 16 I think we all have the capacity to put a little effort into saving our great grand world with all those most stunning animals in it. Go for the reusable cup, Roehampton!
    Ellenor Pickles
    7:58am on 23 Nov 16 Love this idea!